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how to improve blood circulation?

How to Improve Blood Circulation?

Let’s talk about the key to maintaining optimal health. It is nothing but proper circulation! When you ensure that your blood and oxygen flow continuously through your body, your organs function properly, and a properly functioning organ means a healthy body. It keeps the body healthy and helps heal wounds faster, keeps your brain sharp, and gives you a natural flush to your complexion. But the question is how to improve blood circulation to stay healthy.

Causes of Weak Circulation:

Before proceeding any further or looking into ways to improve blood circulation, we first need to know the reasons that may contribute to weak blood circulation within the human body. It can be caused by peripheral artery disease, anemia, obesity, untreated blood clots, and high blood pressure. You may notice a lack of energy in your body or cold hands and feet, hair loss, and slow healing due to a weakened immune system if your blood circulation is weak.

Ways to Improve the Blood Circulation

Despite all the side effects and consequences, the good news is that you can improve your blood circulation and eliminate these impacts. There are various ways to boost your blood circulation, such as:

Drinking black and green tea: These drinks contain antioxidants, which can help increase the width of your blood vessels and help your body pump blood more efficiently.

Cardiovascular exercise: Exercises like walking, running or biking, and stretching can boost your circulatory system.

Avoid smoking: Smoking restricts the oxygen from reaching the organs and tissues and inhibits the blood flow, which in turn destroys the walls of blood vessels and can even lead to accumulated plaque in the walls.

Take iron supplements: Anemic people should include iron supplements in their daily routines. Iron supplements improve the number of red blood cells in your blood.

Include fatty acids in diet: The omega-3 fatty acids in the diet can help improve blood circulation. I.e. tuna, sardines and salmon.

Compression stockings: To move the blood to the upper body, elevate your legs. Compression stockings tend to push pressure on the feet, helping the blood vessels push blood up through the body to the heart. They are also helpful in reducing swelling and can benefit pregnant women or those with diabetes.

Improve your diet: You should also start taking foods that help improve the circulatory system. Cayenne pepper can help lower blood pressure and stimulate the release of vasodilators like nitric oxide, which will help to promote blood flow. Fruits like pomegranate and citrus fruits may decrease inflammation in the body reducing stiffness in the arteries and improving blood flow.