Arterial/Venous duplex is a procedure used to examine the blood vessels with the help of sound waves. It provides useful information for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.Duplex ultrasound helps to identify the location and severity of the occlusion in a blood vessel. It helps the physicians to locate and examine the size of clots inside the vessels. It helps them to evaluate which endovascular therapy is the most useful to treat the cause.

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How is Arterial-Venous Duplex performed?

There are no special preparations for the duplex ultrasound. It is performed on an outpatient basis at a diagnostic center.
You may need to take off some clothing and jewelry. Depending upon the part of your body being examined, you may need to wear a gown. You should abstain from tobacco or caffeine before the procedure.
During the procedure:
  • You will lie on a table with arms on the side of your body or at your abdomen. The technician will measure your blood pressure before the procedure.
  • The technician will apply the gel on the part of the body being examined. The gel allows sound waves to enter the soft tissues smoothly.
  • The technician will place a transducer at various positions on the part of the body being examined. The transducer generates sound waves that enter your body.
  • You may need to change your position during the procedure depending upon the requirements. The technician may request you to hold your breath.
  • Sound waves collide with muscles, blood vessels, and tissues inside the body and get reflected. These waves are used to generate images that are displayed on the monitor.
  • These images are viewed by a specialist for evaluation of the condition and can be photographed.
  • You will hear some unusual sounds during the procedure due to blood flow through your vessels.
  • If the evaluation of the abdominal region is required, you may need an overnight fast as intestinal gas can interfere with the results.
  • How does it feel during and after the procedure?
  • You need not fear arterial-venous duplex ultrasound. It is a harmless diagnostic procedure to evaluate vascular health without any complications or side effects.
  • It doesn’t require any anesthesia as it’s a painless technique. Even after the procedure, you don’t need any specific instructions. You can resume all of your activities after the procedure.
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