Can I Get Pregnant After Fibroid Treatment?

Fibroids are uterine tumors that form and are composed of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. The treatment for such a condition may range from no therapy to surgeries. If the fibroids do not have any symptoms, no significant treatment may be required. However, if extreme symptoms are experienced, proper treatment may be necessary. However, some women may question, “Can I get pregnant after fibroid treatment?” The answer is based on the type of treatment they are getting.

Several treatment options include:


The medications that are available to treat fibroids are only temporarily beneficial. They treat symptoms for a shorter period, not making the tumor disappear. Women who experience heavy bleeding should first try to take medicines and then go for surgery straight away. However, over the years, advancements have been made, and promising drugs are being introduced that will be able to treat the fibroids and not just the symptoms.

Progestational agents and contraceptive pills

Hormonal medications are often prescribed to women with severe bleeding. These hormonal medicines help regulate the menstrual cycle by reducing blood flow. The treatments have no impact on the growth of fibroids.


This is a type of medication that will help to shrink the fibroid temporarily, this will also help to decrease the production of estrogen, and this will, in turn, reduce the heavy bleeding. This type of treatment is recommended for only some patients; these patients may suffer anemia along with heavy bleeding. Fibroids larger than 10 to 12 cm are treated with this lupron.

Intrauterine devices

These are typically used to prevent pregnancy, but they also benefit issues regarding fibroids. This releases minimal hormones in the uterine cavity, leading to a decrease in blood.


This is a surgical procedure that removes fibroids. The uterus is preserved in this technique. This is a very effective treatment technique but does not guarantee that fibroids will not re-grow. This method can be performed in several ways. The type of way depends on the number, location, and size of the fibroid present.

Uterine artery embolization

It is a very new method and an excellent alternative to surgery. This procedure helps to reduce blood flow. This technique is helpful because it blocks the blood that flows to the fibroids and causes them to shrink and die. This method helps decrease the blood and treat severe symptoms.

Can I Get Pregnant After Fibroid Treatment? Yes!

Our answer to the question related to getting pregnant after fibroid treatment is yes! You can get pregnant after the fibroid treatment. In some cases and conditions, fibroid treatment can even improve fertility. The only purpose of fibroid treatment is to remove its symptoms and not impact fertility.

Young patients with fibroids are suggested to undergo myomectomy. Myomectomy is also known as the gold standard treatment. Some qualifiers for undergoing myomectomy include the location, size, quantity of the fibroid, and age. The patient’s overall health can also determine if they can be treated with a myomectomy.