Free Fibroid Screening for Women’s Health Month

May is recognized as Women’s Health Month by the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) and Vascular Health acknowledges that. Vascular Health has taken the initiative of offering free screening for Women’s health month. Fibroids are a prevalent condition among females. It is almost always harmless but cannot be ignored. Fibroids can lead to several issues […]

Clinical Manifestations of PAD

The blockage and narrowing of the arteries happen because of buildups of fatty plaque in the arteries, known as peripheral artery disease. This condition is most common in the lower extremities or legs but can also be found in other blood vessels. There are several clinical manifestations of peripheral artery disease that an individual should […]

Can I Get Pregnant After Fibroid Treatment?

Fibroids are uterine tumors that form and are composed of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. The treatment for such a condition may range from no therapy to surgeries. If the fibroids do not have any symptoms, no significant treatment may be required. However, if extreme symptoms are experienced, proper treatment may be necessary. […]

Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

Do you notice veins bulging out of your skin? Are these veins colored blue and purple? These unusual things can make people suspicious of their appearance. These distinctive veins are named varicose veins. Varicose veins are initially dark purple and blue and seem twisted, bulged, or lumpy. These veins do not cause any significant or […]

Calf Pain Caused by PAD

Peripheral arterial disease is a prevalent condition among people who are above 50 in age. It is commonly caused by the narrowing of arteries or due to the blockage of arteries in the legs or aorta. The blockage and narrowing often happen from the hardening of the arterial walls and plaque build-ups. It reduces the […]

Diagnostic Tests for PAD

Peripheral arterial disease, commonly known as PAD, is the narrowing and blockage of arteries that reduce the blood flow from the heart to one’s legs. The reduced blood flow is the reason for severe pain that may lead to claudication. To diagnose peripheral arterial disease, your doctor or your healthcare provider will examine you physically […]

How to Improve Vascular Health Naturally?

A condition affecting a person’s blood vessel network is known as vascular disease. Perfect vascular health requires perfectly functioning vessels, arteries, and veins. A healthy vascular system fights against infections, removes toxic waste from the body, and maintains the healthy flow of blood to all organs. Individuals need to be aware of how to naturally […]

Benefits of Plant Based Diet for Vascular Health

Vascular and Cardiovascular diseases are drastically increasing over the years. It is becoming a significant cause of death across the globe. It is a type of blood vessel and heart disorder and includes cerebrovascular disease, heart failure, strokes, and coronary heart disease. The kind of food consumption is becoming one of the most critical factors […]

Alternate Therapies for Varicose Veins

Many people complain about enlarged, twisted veins, known as varicose veins. These block the blood flow causing many problems. Sometimes, it is a cosmetic issue; however, it may cause pain at other times. Under severe conditions, it may cause complications like phlebitis, blood clots, and skin ulcers. There may be different treatments and alternative therapies […]

How to cope with Loneliness in Old Age?

The Research found that older people are becoming targets of Loneliness daily. They also found out that people in their 20s had the highest rates of Loneliness, and those in their 60s had the lowest levels. Many people experience increased feelings of Loneliness around their mid-40s. These findings are as confusing as they are surprising; […]