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What is Dialysis Catheter Placement?

For tackling end-stage kidney failure, dialysis is performed. When the kidney fails, dialysis keeps a person’s body balanced by removing waste, extra water, and salt, preventing them from building up in the patient’s body. Kidney failure is usually permanent, but not always. If you have been diagnosed with such a condition that requires dialysis, catheter […]

What is Duplex Ultrasound?

Duplex Ultrasound is a non-invasive evaluation of your blood flow and involves high-frequency sound waves. These high-frequency sound waves help look at the structure of leg veins and the speed at which the blood flows within them. The word ‘duplex’ stands for the two modes of ultrasound that are used, i.e., B-mode and Doppler. While […]

What Is The Life Expectancy with PAD?

Peripheral arterial disease is when the arteries start narrowing due to fatty deposits. PAD results in reduced blood flow. Arteries get less blood than usual. PAD mostly occurs in people over 65 with other comorbid diseases, i.e., diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity. It is also common among people who smoke. Life expectancy with PAD becomes […]

Why Do Veins Bulge?

Are there any bluish-purple things bulging out on your legs? Well, those can be varicose veins. Bulging veins can be very prominent and enlarged veins that will appear blue or purple. This phenomenon is very easy to identify because it happens close to the surface of one’s skin and typically occurs in the areas of […]

What Age Group Has The Largest Prevalence of PAD?

The peripheral arterial disease can occur in the lower extremities and legs because the vessels get blocked or narrowed. Therefore, the overall blood flow to the lower body. PAD occurs mainly because of the accumulation of fatty plaque inside the vessels. PAD can have an impact on all types of blood vessels. Blood flow into […]

Is PAD a Terminal Disease?

A terminal disease or illness may be explained as a condition that cannot be cured and will lead to death. It is a life-threatening disease. However, if we talk about peripheral arterial disease, it is not an immediately life-harming or life-threatening disease, but the process may lead to fatal problems. However, some people have questions […]

Can Varicose Veins Lead to Cancer?

People having varicose veins are very familiar with the uncomfortable symptoms that come with it, i.e., pain, cramps, heaviness, itching, and bulging. But people don’t realize that these can lead to even worse conditions related to the vascular system. Hence, it is important to know that varicose veins can lead to cancer. When discussing the […]

Can Lack of Sleep in Teens Lead to Obesity?

Obesity is when abnormal or excessive body fat is stored in one’s body. It is a medical condition that may increase the risks of other health problems, i.e., heart disease, high BP, or even heart disease. Many parents are worried about their child’s sleep habits. Covid has made teens drop some typical sleeping and screen […]

Can Vascular Treatments Be Done Without Surgery?

The purpose of a vein is to work opposite gravity and make the blood reach back from the legs to the heart. In conditions like vascular disease, the blood may be insufficiently flown through the veins or arteries for various reasons. This may cause blood to pool in the extremities, causing various symptoms like pain, […]