Vascular Disease

Substitute To Running For Older People With Vascular Disease

Vascular and Cardiovascular disease is the main factor that originates mortality in older people. Physical inactivity is a major factor in patients with cardiovascular illnesses. Despite numerous risk factors, any movement that is made by contracting skeletal muscles and involves energy consumption is considered physical activity. It can also be characterized as enhancing and maintaining physical fitness. 

Exercise is the most common prevention factor for vascular diseases. However, aging is a main risk factor for cardiovascular and other vascular diseases. One of the main symptoms of developing vascular disease is physical inactivity. Given their aging bodies reduced muscular strength, physical endurance, and weakened coordination and balance, most elderly individuals find running challenging at their current age.

Substitute for running

Slow pace walking is the most common low-intensity cardio exercise. Low-intensity activities are acceptable for older persons that make an effort, especially challenging a small rise in heart and respiratory rate. If older people cannot walk, they can do other activities that require the use of physical strength, such as:

  • Gardening (thinning the grass, mowing the lawn, planting the seeds, etc.)
  • Home activities (cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, scrubbing the floors, sweeping the garage, etc.)
  • locomotor activities (stair climbing, brisk walking, slow-pace walking, and still walking).
  • Aerobic (Another low-intensity activity)
  • Swimming

Performing daily tasks, such as shopping and walking, slowly counts toward your weekly target of exercise or running. Suppose your health and endurance improve; consider speeding up or lengthening your walks or doing other physical activity that requires strength. Exercise is proven to improve vascular and cardiovascular health, but Many older people believe exercise is no longer appropriate for them. It is just a misconception that prompts older people to abandon physical activity.